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Eliza does not have availability for private sessions, but is holding Celtic Ceremonial Celebrations through Song of Sophia School. If you want to work with her, please see a list of current offerings at the link below.

Rise & Shine, Love is a private holistic home 
with Ceremonial Living, Shamanic Alchemy, 
and a sanctuary for healing
called Mermaid Temple of the Womb.
Us together, Eliza and Patrick,
foster a living land relationship
as seed planters, sacred dreamers, and fertile creators
while honoring ancestral healing and mythic restoration.
Illuminating practical experiences of spirit, connection, and sacred union, our magic cultivates through lineage of Song of Sophia: serving in reciprocity with Earth and the Elements; intelligence reflected within the cosmos; and our devotion to soul, breath, and physiology.
With love, gratitude, and compassion, we say hello!

In-Person, Phone, and Online Offerings are available.

Come visit us by appointment only.

We are not a venue or center: we offer opportunity for sanctuary from our private home.


Treading softly, the Home and Temple are solar-powered, solar-thermal, geo-thermal, and certified as a carbon-negative environment. With a dream of full sustainability, the new geodesic dome greenhouse will grow our organic produce, lotus, tropical flowers, and fruit trees.


 Nestled into a mountain meadow, the grounds naturally grow over 40 wild plants that are crafted into healing herbal medicines.  Eliza and Patrick offer an evolutionary perspective on plant medicine that focuses on not silencing the 'struggle' in the healing. They teach how to listen to the communication between your body and the medicine to find what is hidden, and heal the root.

Eliza's Rose Garden serves for moon blood reception, prayer song, and placenta burial.

In the Mermaid Temple of the Womb, the feminine, masculine and sacred union are elevated through journeywork. We herald deep transformations of Self through song, womb as oracle, water communion, plant spirit and floral medicines, with integration of rebirth experiences. Eliza and Patrick practice shamanic aquatic healing arts in their remembrance of a

unique womb-heart way of Being.


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At Rise & Shine, Love, & In the Mermaid Temple of the Womb,
 ancient wisdom and Deep Listening guide all that we offer:

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Every time I walk into this enchanting cabin home, I automatically feel at ease. With purity being of its main interest, this retreat home offers a place to cleanse oneself of the energetic impurities, bad habits, and downward spiraling mindsets that might come into play in one's life. The lucid dreaming tea assisted me in relaxing deep into the meditation in the salt water pool. Honestly though, even just simply sitting down and talking with Eliza is a meditative experience in it of itself, with her ability to listen and hear YOU, not your thoughts, but you as a pure soul in a physical body. This is not a place to lose yourself and disconnect from reality, actually the opposite. You must be ready to find yourself and embrace everything that comes with the discovery. Be ready, the change is coming!

Daniella / Social + Sexual Empowerment Work

I can’t stop thinking about the magical transformation that I experienced while visiting Eliza and Pat at Rise & Shine, Love! Eliza is a magical and talented practitioner who brings the voice of an angel along with the magic of floating singing bowls to her sound healing water therapy sessions. Pat is a transcendent drummer who accompanies Eliza’s singing perfectly, and together they created the most relaxing and healing experience I have ever had. I cannot recommend this beautiful soul stirring experience enough, and I am already planning my next visit to spend more time with them and their amazing intuitive dog Zoey.  Five stars plus a million more!! You should definitely go if you feel called to the Mermaid Temple, it is a balm to the spirit and a place out of time and space.

Stacy / Environmental Healing Teacher

I had an amazing seven days one-on-one with Eliza at Rise and Shine, Love. She helped me uncover and tap into a great deal of emotions that I have been burying for years so that they could be resolved. From the plant medicine, food and energy healing to the amazing massage she booked for me - the week was out of this world. It wasn’t easy, but just within the first week of returning home I can see something BIG has shifted inside me. I will be forever grateful for the learning and healing that I did at Rise and Shine, Love. Thank you <3

Nadia / Bodywork + Plant Medicine Healer

Mu husband and I both consider it the most peaceful and relaxing place we've ever visited. The view of the stars at night is breathtaking. It's about 20 minutes outside of a super cute little hippy town and up a dirt road on the side of a mountain (in a wildlife preserve or right by it). There are hiking trails down her road. There are tons of wildflowers in her property which she also makes tinctures out of... I can't speak highly enough when it comes to her oils. The property has a big salt water pool in a separate house that is beautifully decorated. It was all very clean. We saw a herd of over 100, maybe 200 elk, a lynx, a deer and her 3 fawns, tons of moose tracks, and mountain lion tracks. We will definitely be returning.

Kayla / Public Health, Ph.D

I met Eliza at one of her mermaid parties and was very quickly attracted to her spirit. We have just finished our first month of personal/business coaching and the inspiration keeps flowing. During our first call, I couldn’t sign up/pay her quick enough. I am enamored by her balance of intuition and practicality. I gleaned immediate value from our sessions. I am so grateful! 

Tori / Mindset Coach

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